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US military aircraft with four on board crashes in Arctic Norway

The Norwegian Government has confirmed

that one American MV-22 Osprey, tilt rotor aircraft has crashed near Bodo Airbase, Norway.


The Norwegian Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) launched a Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter and a P-3 Orion plane to search for the Marine aircraft at about 1830 local time. After nearly 2 hours of searching debris has been spotted in Gratadalen, Norway. However, ground crews have not been able to access the site yet due to terrain and weather.

4 persons were apparently on board and have not been accounted for. The United States Marines are in Bodo Norway for Exercise Cold Response 2022, a NATO, but Norwegian led exercise meant to increase cooperation and readiness of NATO, high North forces, forces against aggressor nations. More than 30,000 NATO troops have assembled for the exercise, including about 2,000 United States Marines..

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