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War destination “Cyprus” 🇨🇾

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

War destination “Cyprus” 🇨🇾

Cyprus, an independent country that is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The area that Cyprus covers is 9,251 km, Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. 3,355 Km (33%) of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation and is only recognized by Turkey. The Turkish invasion was launched on 20 July 1974. Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded the north in response to a military coup on the island which was backed by the Greek government.

The island was effectively partitioned, with the northern third run by a Turkish Cypriot government and the southern two-thirds by the internationally-recognized government led by Greek Cypriots. After 46 years of the invasion, Turkey still has 33% of the independent island. The world has recognized Cyprus and an independent country but also as divided.

UN troops are located at the divided lines that separate Cyprus.

2020: Turkey under the ruling of President Erdogan has been provoking the western countries and taking military action in several countries Syria, Libya, and recently in Armenia / Artsakh under the Azerbaijan flag. Erdogan sent warplanes, military equipment, special forces, and even Syrian mercenaries to fight alongside Azerbaijan. Even though everything done by the Turkish president is illegal under the UN rules and knowing that Turkey is a NATO country, there was a blind eye on what killing and damage Turkey are doing to the region. The Artsakh had not only been blind-eyed by the west but also by the western media all over the globe. CNN, BBC, NYTimes, and many others pictured the conflict as a small skirmish and sometimes even as an Armenian provocation to Azerbaijan. Even though more than 7000 people have been killed (Military, Civilians) the media still didn’t cover the deadly war. Azerbaijan backed by military power by Israel, Turkey and the United stated media was able to win the war and inflict horrific damage to the Artsakh peace-full Lands. Seeing how the west is acting about Turkey’s provocative actions we must be sure that the Western countries the USA, Europe are giving President Erdogan the freedom to do more damage in the region.

Erdogan would not have been able to inflict all that damage without one true Ally, which is Qatar. Qatar is the bank for all Turkish operations. All funding of war troops, mercenaries, weapons, and even technology is paid by the wealthy country Qatar. Having the most powerful media outlet in the Middle East “Al-Jazeera” Qatar shifts the region with the influence of media, money, and power. Qatar the main backer of “Muslim Brotherhood” the real threat as seen in my UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt these Arab countries have made “Muslim Brotherhood” followers as terrorist groups and terrorist watch. Erdogan on the other hand is a follower of the “Muslim Brotherhood” and is in power and wealth from the backing of the Qatar regime. With every war, Turkey starts billions of dollars ate transferred from Qatar to the Turkish banks so that the Turkish Lira stays stable and payers for all the expenses of the war. Qatar is also a big investor in western media, CNN, BBC, NYTimes, and many more that are unknown.

On November 15 Erdogan visits the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus 🇨🇾 provoking the Western countries again and going against the UN resolution that recognizes the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus as an Occupation. The visit of Erdogan has gone through but surprisingly the Western countries (Europe, Britain, and the USA) didn’t react to that move by Erdogan which is a surprise for everyone. Another blind eye but now to an EU recognized country Cyprus.

How did the media cover the Story:

The Guardian and Bloomberg are the only western News outlets that were against the visit of Erdogan. Bloomberg is backed by Saudi Price which is against Turkey and Qatar and also The Guardian.

Only these two news media covered the visit of the Turkish President as a provocative approach to the EU while the other news media covered this from a different aspect.

Al Jazeera Qatar backed news agency has titled its approach to Erdogan’s visit as “Turkey’s Erdogan says Cyprus should aim for ‘Two separate states’” this title is mainly Pro Erdogan and as shocking it is most western news media used the same title for the Turkish provocation. Euro News, DW, Reuters, and Aljazeera all are using the same headlines as seen below:

Studying the western media approach to the Turkish provocation is some-how disturbing but what’s more outrageous is the silence of the European Leaders. The horrific silence has the same approach that was with the Armenian/Artsakh war, and it continues. Qatar / Turkish politics has taken over the world's media coverage. Searching online, I was unable to find any coverage for the Turkish president’s visit to Cyprus on BBC or CNN. Ironically, there was an attack for the visit of the Greek’s president to an Island by CNN titled “Greek president visits tiny island at the center of the eastern Mediterranean dispute, angering Turkey” but we didn’t read an article titled Erdogan visits Cyprus angering the west, the “Tiny Island visited by the Greek President” is a Greek-owned island. CNN is backing Erdogan in all his wars and provocations following the footsteps of Qatar news channel Al-Jazeera.

Qatar news channels “al-Jazeera” influenced a lot of revolutions and wars in the Middle East from Libya, Egypt, to Syria and Bahrain. Qatar positioned itself as a country that supports the revolution, meanwhile, it was backing the “Islamic Brotherhood”, And now CNN is following the same footsteps of Al-Jazeera.

The European/USA countries were being tested by the visit of Erdogan to Cyprus, the West has failed dramatically, Cyprus is on the verge of war!

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