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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

A dense stream of videos with the cutting off of heads, the desecration of graves and Christian churches is not at all an excesses of the performer, as Azerbaijani propagandists are trying to convince us (for example, the recluse from the Maiden Tower).

No, this is purposeful work to eradicate the remnants of the Armenian population. Creation of an atmosphere of horror and destruction of the very idea that it is possible to live together in this territory.

Let's not listen to what the officials say there. Some even say that an era of peace is coming in the South Caucasus. There is no era of peace there and there will not be until one of the parties finally settles the territorial issue.

So what are the monsters doing in the uniform of the Azerbaijani army and will anyone punish them? I will say right away that no one will punish them. They are the heirs of Safarov's "glorious" deeds, who was personally awarded by Aliyev for chopping off the sleeping Armenian's head with an ax. These citizens are doing the same. If, after all, under pressure from the international community, someone is imprisoned, it will not be a punishment, but a mockery. They will be given three years and will be in ideal conditions. Will be released as a hero.

Under these conditions, the Armenians should not write threats to Azerbaijanis in person, but act like Israel. Israel condemned and, most importantly, punished Nazi criminals. Not all, but very many. It is necessary to identify the perpetrators, to pronounce and carry out the sentence. Even if it takes 30 years.

I hope that no one doubts the justice of equating the cattle that cut off the head of the Armenian old man with the terrorists of the same Igil or the murderers from Auschwitz

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