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Washington is about to strengthen its military presence in Australia

Washington is about to strengthen its military presence in Australia

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton announced that his country's security agreement with the United Kingdom and the United States will allow Washington, in particular, to strengthen its military presence in Australia and establish logistical bases there.

Dutton said at a press conference as part of bilateral talks in Washington that the security agreement provides for measures that would "significantly enhance" cooperation and interoperability between Australian and US forces.

The US military already has a non-permanent presence in Darwin, northern Australia, where about 2,500 Marines are deployed each year in rotation to conduct exercises.

"It will enhance our air capabilities, our naval capabilities, and certainly our military posture as well," Dutton said.

Without giving numbers, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed during this joint press conference that the United States "will expand its presence in Australia", at a time when the United States is seeking to contain China's territorial ambitions in the region.

The two countries will also establish in Australia "joint capabilities" in the field of logistics and maintenance of the submarines that Australia will receive, and they will also intensify joint exercises, according to Dutton.

Le Drian described Australia's position as a "stab in the back".

The "nuclear submarine" deal... Has the dispute between America and Europe deepened?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced in Canberra that Australia will also receive US Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Relations between France and the United States entered an open crisis Thursday after Australia canceled the purchase of French submarines and replaced them with American ones operating with nuclear propulsion, prompting Paris to describe the matter as a "stab in the back" and a decision "in the manner of former US President Donald Trump."

And on Wednesday evening, US President Joe Biden announced the launch of a strategic partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia, which includes supplying American submarines with nuclear propulsion in Canberra, which practically removed the French from the game.

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