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West Hartford Police Chase: Fatal Encounter on August 8, 2023

Location and Time:

The incident unfolded on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford, Connecticut, beginning around 5:00 p.m.

Initial Event:

West Hartford police identified a stolen Hyundai Elantra and attempted to stop it as it traveled east on New Britain Avenue.

Collisions: At the intersection of New Britain Avenue and South Street, the Hyundai collided with a silver BMW and then a blue Honda Pilot. The Hyundai became disabled after these collisions.

Suspects and Apprehension:

Two occupants, Lyle Solsbury and Mike Alexander-Garcia, exited the vehicle. Solsbury was quickly apprehended, but Alexander-Garcia fled on foot.

Attempted Carjacking:

Alexander-Garcia unsuccessfully attempted to carjack two vehicles as he headed east on New Britain Avenue. He then entered a Toyota RAV4 in one of the garage service bays at Town Fair Tire at 980 New Britain Avenue.

K-9 Officer Involvement:

West Hartford K-9 Officer Andrew Teeter, along with his K-9, entered the passenger side of the Toyota in an effort to apprehend Alexander-Garcia.

Escape and Confrontation:

Despite the presence of the K-9 and Officer Teeter, Alexander-Garcia managed to back out of the garage, hitting two vehicles, including the K-9 police vehicle. Officer Teeter fired multiple shots at Alexander-Garcia, hitting him in the torso as the Toyota continued to drive.

Crash and Aftermath:

The Toyota crashed into a utility pole near the intersection of New Britain Avenue and Shield Street. Alexander-Garcia was taken to Hartford Hospital and pronounced dead at 5:53 p.m.

Injuries: Officer Teeter sustained a broken rib and multiple head lacerations. There was no apparent injury to the K-9.


The incident led to a significant investigation, likely involving multiple agencies, to fully understand the sequence of events and the actions of all parties involved.

Community Impact:

Such a dramatic event would have likely had a substantial impact on the local community, raising questions about police procedures, safety, and crime prevention.

This report captures the key details of a highly dynamic and concerning incident involving multiple collisions, attempted carjacking, and a fatal shooting, all within a brief and intense timeframe. It illustrates the complexities and challenges faced by law enforcement in rapidly evolving situations.

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