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More Western Military supply Aid to Ukraine. German Leopard 2 tanks delivery approval “postponed.”

International and internal pressures failed to persuade Germany to make a quick decision to send Leopard-made Tanks to Ukraine, demanding Kiev since March. The new German Defense Secretary Boris Pestorius came from a meeting of the Ukraine Support Group, headed by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, at the Ramstein base in West Germany, to announce that "there is a divide between allies about sending tanks, and that Germany is not« Alone from hindered »and they will not be reflected in decision-making. "There is an argument with sending tanks and arguments against sending them," he said. "This is noted that the results of which he could cause, said the decision to send those tanks, referring to fears of the possibility of making the tanks.

However, Beturius said he had ordered the army to be an incident on the tanks «Leopard» who had existed "in preparation for the worst." "When the decision is made I want to be ready for implementation," he said. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rejected direct criticism from Germany at the final press conference, and avoided the response to the questions that repeatedly rejected Germany to send Leopard tanks. Asked a question about if Germany was enough to help Ukraine: "Yes, but we all can do more." "A reliable partner for a long time, is sure to stay," he said. Austin focused on new military pledges from different countries, which included defensive missile systems, tanks and soldiers. The German Defense Minister, who has received his duties only two days ago, he had taken over the responsibility of making a decision to allow other countries to send Leopard's tanks to Ukraine, saying that "such a decision returns" Olaf Sholts. But noted that the Ramstein meeting did not discuss licenses and allow other countries to export tanks, adding that Germany would not stand an obstacle to the countries that want to increase their assistance to Ukraine. According to contracts signed with Germany, the countries that bought Leopard tanks, obtain prior permission before they sent to a third country.

However, Pestorius is keen to emphasize that Germany continues its support for Ukraine even if the decision to send Leopard tanks. He stressed that Berlin will focus on sending anti-missile capable of addressing Russian missiles, pointing out that "this priority" is at the moment. But the North American Secretary (NATO) Jans Stoltenberg was an optimistic, and said in his conclusion that «consultations on the tanks (Lipubard) continues." Stoltenberg has been keen to avoid criticizing Germany, and said in response to a question about whether Berlin's position hurts European unity: "Germany is a leader in supporting Ukraine in many areas." Stoltenberg said additional pledges to Ukraine countries to send "hundreds of armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles, all will make a big difference" in Ukraine. He added that these new weapons "will not allow Ukraine to defend itself, but also for defensive operations to restore land."

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zellinsky, at the beginning of the 50-nation defense ministers, speaking, called on a more time and quick decisions to send the weapons you need. "Russia has time, and the slowdown in decision-making does not help his country," Zellinsky said by the video circle. Poland has threatened to send Leopard tanks, which was bought by Germany, even if there was no approval from Berlin and described the approval as "secondary order". But her defense minister Marius Blazcom was back in Ramstein yesterday, yesterday, that Poland would wait for Germany's approval, expressing his optimism that this could happen soon. Other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Finland, expressed their desire to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine if Germany agrees. But Berlin says she did not receive any request after any country to send tanks to Ukraine.

German President Frank Walter Steinmeier has defended his country's position and said that it should take such a decision and think about its impact and consequences, in reference concerns of the escalation of conflict, which is repeated by Pestorius after a meeting Ramstein. But while the German Chancellor's Democratic Chancellor took a decision to send Leopard's tanks to Ukraine, the other two parties in the government are urging.

The President of the Defense Committee of the Pondetzag Mary Agnes - Zimmerman warned that Germany's position in Europe, warned for approval to send tank immediately. German newspapers quoted two days ago that Schults told US President Joe Joe Biden that his country would not send Leopard's tanks unless he was sent as Washington, the American-made Abrams. But the government spokesman denied yesterday, or linking others, and said: "I can not imagine Germany's advisor to dictate any conditions on the US president." German Defense Minister also denied linking the tanks of "Leopard" tanks "Abrams, saying in an interview with the first German channel on the eve of the Ramstein meeting, said he was not aware of such preconditions. US Defense Secretary Austin was asked about Germany's condition. The German Defense Secretary answered said that the command was incorrect. Washington is trying to urged Berlin to send Leopard's tanks to Kiev in a "central moment" of the war and reiterates US officials who fear a new imminent attack to Russia to expand within Ukraine.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin urged allied countries to continue supporting themselves and increasing military support. Washington says the sending of "Abrams" tanks are technically complex; Due to the inability to maintain and not easy to fill in compared to German tanks. US defense officials have ruled out the possibility of providing tanks «Imams» and confirmed that the main reason for the difficulty of moving and maintaining and providing their own fuel, and the training of Ukrainians on its complex equipment, making it possible In a timely manner, before the Russian spring attack, even if Washington agreed on it now. In the last weeks, US military and military experts and experts have warned in recent weeks that it is not clear whether the supply of Western tanks, including Leopard tanks, will reach the front quickly To face the threat of the Russian spring attack, as well as the number they can be provided, and training, which may take months, or not. The Pentagon announced the details of the new military assistance, worth $ 2.5 billion, the second largest package since Washington's start to provide military aid to Ukraine, which has so far reached $ 26.7 billion. The Pentagon statement said the package was "aimed at meeting the defensive and lively needs of Kiev." Although the extradition of Ukraine's "Striker" vehicles will strengthen its military arsenal and help them in meeting their urgent need for shields, in a war where the tanks and rapid transition to fighting lines, protect soldiers from artillery and sockets, It is the main weapon, they are not enough to respond to the expected Russian attack, while Moscow reorientation of its military and artillery stock, especially the weapon of tanks that are suffering serious losses during the war. According to military experts, the "Striker" can evaluate a balance between the heavy fighting tank and the armored migration tank. But they will not be able to carry out the German Leopard tank. So far, both Ukraine and Russia have used Soviet era tanks in the battle, while the Leopard tank will be a big step forward in capabilities. Russia's compensation will help Russia in the force of artillery fire that enabled two cities in Luhansk County, east of Ukraine during the summer. Experts said the main feature of the German tank, is the quantity that can be sent to Ukraine and the relative ease of reform and logistics, as well as possessed by many European countries that can easily provide maintenance, training and compensation for losses

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