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What do we know about the Nuclear ☢️ leak in china?

What do we know about the Nuclear ☢️ leak in china?

An investigation by CNN revealed that Beijing took "dangerous" measures to deal with a report of a leak at the Chinese nuclear power plant "Taishan", which is co-owned and operated by a French company.

The French company said the Chinese safety authority "has raised the acceptable limits for radiation detection outside the plant in order to avoid having to close it," according to a letter sent by the company to the US State Department, a copy of which was obtained by CNN. The letter included a warning of an "imminent radioactive threat" about the station.

And on Monday, the company that operates the plant near Hong Kong, announced that it was dealing with a "performance issue", but it is currently operating within safety limits, following a report of a possible radiation leak.

The Taishan nuclear power plant is jointly owned by China's Guangdong Nuclear Energy Group and French multinational Electricity de France, the main owner of Framatum, which helps operate the plant.

But one of the sources told CNN that "despite the alarming notification from the French company, the administration of US President Joe Biden believes that the facility has not yet reached the level of the crisis."

US officials said that while the situation does not currently pose a serious safety threat to workers in the factory or residents of nearby areas, it is unusual for a foreign company to unilaterally reach out to the US government for assistance when its Chinese state-owned partner has not yet acknowledged a problem.

"Framatum" said in a brief statement, Monday, that it "supports the resolution of the performance problem at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong Province, China."

She added, “According to the available data, the station is operating within safety standards. Our team is also working with relevant experts to assess the situation and suggest solutions to address any potential problem.”

Radiation levels in Hong Kong, 135 km from the station, were normal on Monday, according to the Hong Kong Observatory, which monitors radiation around the city.


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